Cognitus company was founded by a physician and electrical engineers with the common idea of developing digitization system that will be used in medicine and other related fields - CAD design of orthopedic devices, measurement, visualization and other needs. The main motive of this work was to bring high-tech solutions in medical practice at an affordable price, while maintaining the characteristics and quality that is expected from such systems. After years of extremely hard work that has relied on previously acquired knowledge and experience, such solutions are developed and have found their application in practice. Through daily work and upgrade, the systems are constantly improved and upgraded to the highest standards that have been placed by the profession. Our work has been recognized at the highest professional level, which led to the realization of projects in which our employees participated or are participating. The company Cognitus have in its portfolio a range of protected solutions and patent applications with their own verified solutions, which represent a significant technical contribution to the areas that reaches our scope of work. 


We are open to all forms of cooperation with interested institutions, companies and individuals who share our vision. 

Cognitus Ltd.